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Northeast Oklahoma Racing Pigeon Federation (the Federation) Summer Meeting / Awards Picnic August 22, 2014

Vice President Roland Gutierrez called the Federation meeting to order. Erica Reed read the minutes of the last meeting. There were no additions or corrections to the minutes. Steve Trotter gave the treasurers report. The club has $8,778.28, in its checking account. Both reports were approved as read.

Roland agreed to fill the vacancy created by Scott Woods resignation as president of the Federation. Roland then appointed Bob Greenfeathers as vice president to fill his vacancy. Other officers are Treasurer Steve Trotter, Secretary Erica Reed, and Race Secretary Joe Liu.

Roland then passed out diplomas for Old Birds and congratulated everyone on a fine racing season.

Next up, Roland discussed the race schedule for the upcoming Young Bird season. Larry Dobelbower made a motion to accept the current schedule proposed by Joe Liu. Tony Smith seconded. A preliminary vote was taken with 7 members voting to accept the schedule as proposed and 8 members wanting to make changes to the proposed schedule. Following additional discussion, Rick Wieg made a motion to accept the following Young Bird race schedule; seconded by Nick David:









This motion passed, with 10 members voting for it and 2 members opposed.

The issue of the Trailer was then brought up by Roland, due to rumors that some individual clubs believed they had some percentage interest in ownership of the Trailer. After a long, heated discussion, a consensus was reached that the Trailer is solely owned by the Federation and 75 Combine.

Next up, Roland discussed the need to incorporate the Federation. It was agreed that Attorney Mary Gutierrez would prepare and file incorporation papers with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, obtain an EIN from the IRS for the Federation, and determine what is needed to obtain an exemption from filing Federation federal and state tax returns, if that is the route the Federation wants to go.

Roland thanked Joe Liu for doing so well with the Old Bird races with the bad season guidelines he had. Roland proposed that going forward we do not fly Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Discussion followed. Resolved that Young Bird races will be start September 12th and are scheduled to end October 31st. Races may be flown on Mondays or Fridays but only if we can't move the race and still end the season by November 14th. Discussion of a race committee was brought up. It was determined the Race Committee will be composed of Roland Gutierrez, Steve Trotter and Joe Liu. Decisions of the Race Committee will be final and binding.

There being no additional old or new business, Steve Trotter moved to adjourn; Bob Greenfeathers seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned.

We are dedicated to the sport of performance racing pigeon. We strive to establish a place and forum for racing pigeon enthusiasts to participate in the wonderful sport of pigeon racing. We welcome young, old, men, women and families. We are made up of racing pigeon clubs all across the eastern half of Oklahoma. Come join us in the age old sport of racing pigeons. We are an affiliate of the American Racing Pigeon Union. http://www.pigeon.org/. ”

Members testimonials

Having raced for several years when I was younger I left the sport to pursue family and professional interests. After meeting the members and flyers of NEOK I found my true spirit for racing alive again for me AND my family. I am happy to be part of a true family friendly club spirited by sportmanship and ethics.

-JJ Robinson, OK